mp3s自動選播tlc精選mp3 on Moblie(phone) Play List in random

1.無奈 What the heckeden-mp3 (3m34s)
2.請溫柔體貼 T-L-C please eden-mp3 (5m2s)
3.造天堂者 The man who recreated Edeneden-mp3 (3m40s)
4.替代 Substitutioneden-mp3 (4m40s)
5.友情 Friendshipeden-mp3 (5m13s)
6.我的野性 The animal in meeden-mp3 (3m39s)
7.致德國 To Germanyeden-mp3 (4m19s)
8.亡國愁 On sadness over the loss of one's countryeden-mp3 (3m58s)
9.待做之事 Things to doeden-mp3 (4m21s)
10.春神漢斯 Hans Fruhlingeden-mp3 (3m54s)
11.歎愁情 Sorrowful loveeden-mp3 (5m4s)
12.歎愁情(新版本) Sorrowful love (new version)eden-mp3 (4m39s)