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04/20錫克教聖典《格蘭斯沙希伯古魯》摘錄「明師難遇」(二集之一)[Cinema Scene]:中美洲古文明之神《羽蛇神如是說》[Animal World]:「向日葵任務」:學習啟動悠樂青年新力量佛教故事「捨身飼虎」(三集之一) 2015.08.23
04/21錫克教聖典《格蘭斯沙希伯古魯》摘錄「明師難遇」(二集之二)[Life of a Saint]:保加利亞功夫大師弗拉基米爾‧阮介紹和平的武術 (三集之一)[Animal World]:動物朋友就像我們一樣!(二集之一)佛教故事「捨身飼虎」(三集之二) 2015.08.23
04/22大地之母的智慧-富足、和平與愛之道:專訪喬克托耶馬西馬斯科吉社區國成員(五集之四)[Show]:喚醒環保意識:《穹頂之下》《怒海控塑》和《明日進行曲》[A Gift of Love]:地球的守護者:原住民(二集之一)佛教故事「捨身飼虎」(三集之三) 2015.08.23
04/23瑣羅亞斯德教聖書《智慧聖靈語錄》第1至3章(二集之一)[Show]:地球的守護者:原住民(二集之二)[Healthy Living]:愛的話語與慈悲的樂章:威爾.塔托博士的著作與音樂(二集之二)認識自己的偉大 (二集之一) 1999.12.31
04/24瑣羅亞斯德教聖書《智慧聖靈語錄》第1至3章(二集之二)[SHOW]:「天籟之音‧團結一心」清海無上師與悠樂(越南)藝術家的視訊會議(八集之七)[Veggie Elite]:羅斯威爾事件訪談:洞悉人類的宇宙歷史(三集之三)認識自己的偉大 (二集之二) 1999.12.31
04/25We are Here to Bless the World, Part 1 of 2, May 13, 1999[Uplifting Literature]:Unification Through Heavenly Melody – A Video Conference Between Supreme Master Ching Hai and Aulacese (Vietnamese) Artists, Part 8 of 8[Planet Earth]:The Magnificent Mount Fuji: Japan’s Sacred Legacy, Part 1 of 2Be Loving and Kind (Part 1 of 8) Apr. 27-28, 2012
04/26We are Here to Bless the World, Part 2 of 2: Questions and Answers, May 13, 1999[Show]:Shining World Leadership for Compassion Laureate: Susan Hargreaves, Animal Hero[Veggie Elite]:Vegan Eats Series: Flour of Life – A Blossoming Vegan BakeryBe Loving and Kind (Part 2 of 8) Apr. 27-28, 2012
04/27From the Holy Qur’an: Chapter 6, Part 2 of 3[Cinema Scene]:Life of Milarepa[Animal World]:Dr. Shireen Kassam: The Nutritionally Complete Whole Foods Vegan Diet, Part 1 of 2Be Loving and Kind (Part 3 of 8) Apr. 27-28, 2012
04/28From the Holy Qur’an: Chapter 6, Part 3 of 3[Life of a Saint]:Kung Fu Master Vladimir Nguyen - Peaceful Martial Artist from Bulgaria, Part 2 of 3[Animal World]:Our Animal Friends Are Just Like Us! Part 2 of 2Be Loving and Kind (Part 4 of 8) Apr. 27-28, 2012
04/29The Wisdom of Mother Earth - Path of Abundance, Peace and Love: An Interview with Members of Choctaw Yamassee Musgokee Community Nation, Part 5 of 5[Show]:Sufi Writer Idries Shah: Bridging the East and West[A Gift of Love]:Sweet Party Treat - Moldovan Chocolate Roll & Vegan Coconut MacaroonsBe Loving and Kind (Part 5 of 8) Apr. 27-28, 2012