tlc2精選, mp3, 自動選播, 集數查詢

1.無奈 What the heck (3m)
3.造天堂者 The man who recreated Eden (3m22s)
4.替代 Substitution (3m55s)
5.友情 Friendship (4m50s)
6.The animal in me 前奏 (14s)
6.The animal in me 結尾 (15s)
7.致德國 To Germany (3m41s)
8.亡國愁 On sadness over the loss of one's country (3m42s)
9.待做之事 Things to do (3m59s)
10.春神漢斯 Hans Fruhling (3m15s)
12.歎愁情(新版本) Sorrowful love (new version) (4m16s)
2019.06.16 mandolin Folk Song for Peace 新地 同唱和平 (45s)
三地門 曼陀鈴 mandolin Song for Peace 鄭公山 (45s)
Song for Peace 1 同唱和平 鄭公山 (3m1s)
Song for Peace 2 同唱和平 鄭公山 (1m51s)
回響 Resonance (4m51s)
Song of a Legend Named Quoc 阿國傳奇 (4m47s)